Center for Business Excellence

The Center for Business Excellence (CBE) is a Not-for-Profit organization affiliated with the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce serving Elkhart, St. Joseph, Marshall, Lagrange and Kosciusko counties.

CBE’s goal is to help businesses, not-for-profit organizations and local government improve their processes, their teamwork and their leadership skills while removing wasteful practices, making them even more successful, efficient and impactful to those they serve.

This is accomplished through Continuous Improvement/Lean/Six Sigma skills and tools training, leadership coaching, team building and hands on exercises specifically customized to their Teams and Missions.

We work fluidly with all levels of the organizations and specialize in implementing Continuous Improvement tools along with the Change Management training to drive sustainable change.

CBE also coordinates the Michiana Lean Network which is a regional group of diverse organizations representing Health Care, Manufacturing, Banking, Staffing, Construction and Higher Education.   The members all reflect a passion for improving their competitive edge through the learning and sharing of best practices in Continuous Improvement/Lean/Six Sigma principles in combination with leadership and team development.  Please see the Michiana Lean Network informational page.

CBE and their Partners offer the following Training:  

Lean/Six Sigma Tools:

Lean 101 Workshop
Combines Lean Theory with hands on exercises to bring it to life.  The focus is on eliminating waste in manufacturing and office processes.

A3: 8 Step Problem Solving Process
Teaches a proven and consistent methodology of problem solving across your organization while effectively communicating and standardizing the solutions.

5-S: The Visual Workplace
Teaches the foundational step in developing a Lean Culture in your organization.    Teams learn how to apply the 5 Steps (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) to organize their areas, reduce waste and improve efficiency and safety.

Email 5S
One of the top issues organizations face is communication and especially dealing with the vast numbers of emails team members handle.  This course uses a combination of Lean principles and Email tools to tame the Email beast.

Value Stream Mapping
Learn how to create a value map of your current and future state processes in this two-day workshop. It includes development of your own current and future state for a selected project.

Process Mapping
Learn how to map out processes to remove waste and improve efficiency.  It includes development of your own selected process for improvement.

Set-Up Reduction
Learn the fundamentals of set-up reduction by applying quick-change thinking to any type of set-up or industry.

Cellular Flow Manufacturing
A five-step process to link and balance manufacturing operations to reduce lead times, minimize work in progress, optimize floor space usage, and improve productivity.

Pilot Kaizen Implementation
This intensive and highly-focused approach combines methodology from lean manufacturing tools and disciplines, including 5-S, Cellular Flow Manufacturing, Pull/Kanban, Set-Up Reduction, and Line Balancing.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation
Using a pilot area to initiate full implementation, this high-impact effort demonstrates the success of Lean and helps create, build and sustain momentum in your company.

Leadership Skills and Team Development:

Leading Change Workshop
This workshop teaches the science of the change process and provides training for effective communications at each stage of the change curve along with proven strategies and hands on exercise lead teams through change.

Front Line Leadership Series
This series is specifically designed for Front Line Leaders and Group Leaders to hone their skills in leading teams.  It covers the range of expectations of leaders from communication to performance feedback to building trust.

DiSC: CBE is and Authorized Everything DiSC Partner offering:

DiSC® WORKPLACE: Assessment and Profiles

Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work.

Provides individual profiles, comparison reports, Team views and Group Culture reports


Teach managers to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people.


Provide salespeople with the skills to adapt to customers’ preferences and expectations.


Harness the power of conflict by transforming destructive behavior into productive responses.


Create impactful leaders through the process of Vision, Alignment, and Execution.


Elevate leadership effectiveness with our dynamic 360-degree feedback application.

Effective Meeting Management

Personal and Team Organization and Prioritization


Other Services:

Employee Retention
Lean/Six Sigma tools and leadership principles are used to assist organizations with hiring and retaining employees.  A number of our clients have used these services and have achieved significant results.

Performance Tracking/Balanced Scorecards/Dashboard Development
The saying that teams can’t improve what they don’t track is absolutely true. This service identifies key performance metrics across the organization and then provides customized tracking of those metrics to highlight opportunities and sustain performance improvements.

5S Auditing
In a follow-up service to 5S training, we provide ongoing 5S auditing for organizations that includes scoring and coaching for all levels of the organization. Clients have used this to effectively sustain 5S improvements and drive 5S across the organization.

For more information on the Center for Business Excellence or the Michiana Lean Network, contact Merritt Dilts at (574) 293-1531 x 121 or [email protected].

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