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It All Starts Here

Welcome to the most innovative, entrepreneurial community in America. Elkhart is the RV Capital of the World, headquarters to international corporations, and the birthplace of Alka-Seltzer and innovations in electronics and band instruments. Elkhart County boasts more patents than any other Hoosier county outside the state capital.

Yet life is not too fast-paced or unbearable. We are a friendly, hometown community in the heart of Amish Country.

We Build Things

Recreational vehicles, boats, musical instruments, precise laser devices and everything in between are made in this community. A strong network of supply industries helps support these and other industries. The low business costs, tremendous access to skilled labor, and an abundance of dreams encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive here.

“Business climate/entrepreneurship” is the number one reason people liked living in the Elkhart community. We are very proud of our ability to get things done.

Recreation and Activity

Elkhart is built around Island Park, the island resembling an elk’s heart; hence, the name Elkhart. This park is located near the confluence of the beautiful St. Joseph and Elkhart rivers. Many lakes are in or around the Elkhart community, and Lake Michigan’s beaches are only an hour away. It is no wonder residents chose “access to water activities” as one of the best things about living in Elkhart.

Dynamic Community Spirit

Beautiful golf courses, parks and hiking/biking trails add to area recreational offerings. Elkhart has a dynamic community spirit, with people alert to world affairs and able to respond to local issues. It is a city on the move because its citizens are go-getters, public spirited and proud of their accomplishments. Many of its people are well traveled and through business connections are well acquainted with cities all over the world. But they have chosen to make Elkhart their home and, in turn, give of their time and attention to improve the city. The people who live here and work here have a stake in the conduct of both private and public business.

Residents voted “great people” as their second favorite attribute for living in the Elkhart community.



Elkhart is in the path between Chicago and the East Coast. Elkhart is well served by major highways and railroads. The railroad switching yards in Elkhart are the world’s second largest freight classification yards. I-80-90 has four exits providing access to Elkhart County.

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