Education/Career Development

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To support, promote and align with our education system, worker training and instruction programs to help our citizens meet the demands of the future.


  • To facilitate the collaboration between educators and local businesses in the greater Elkhart area.
  • To encourage greater representation from business and educational institutions to help maintain the balance of council membership.
  • To increase the level and quality of communication and interaction between school corporations, higher education institutions, businesses, government and not-for-profits as it relates to children of all ages
  • To support an increased level of career and college readiness in Elkhart County.


  • Strengthen relationships with elected officials, endorse legislative issues and remain engaged in local economic development that is impacting local education.
  • Support the county wide Work Ethic Certificate Program.
  • Identify opportunities to welcome and integrate new educators to the community.
  • Recognize innovative programs impacting Elkhart community that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to support education and career development.
  • Provide a platform for businesses and organizations to present their opportunities for youth in our community.
  • Continue to support Career Pathways with local schools.
  • Ensure our work as a council is focused on driving innovation and providing value to the business community through collaboration with educational initiatives.
  • Explore ways to partner with higher education, school corporations, and educational initiatives.


Business & Education Partnership Award: This award is given to Chamber member businesses demonstrating an ongoing relationship with a school in the Elkhart area through the use of time and resources. To nominate, click here

New Educator Welcome: To increase communication and interaction between school corporations and the business community, we have organized an event to welcome new educators to the Elkhart community. To donate promotional items to the New Educator Welcome bags or sponsor the bags contact Kathy Cardwell

Education Council Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday 8 am

Council Co-Chairs: Samantha Lambert, Community Foundation of Elkhart County and Denise Tahara, Concord Community Schools

Board Liaisons: Emma Jordan, Specialized Staffing Solutions, LLC and Yolo López DeMarco, Yolo Vox

Staff Liaison: Kathy Cardwell

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