Chamber Priorities 2024-2027


The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has adopted the 2024-2027 priorities. This longer term view on priorities will allow us to research, develop, implement, and analyze strategies that have increased outcomes for our area.

The five priority areas for this four year time period are: 

We will continue to provide education/training programs and information which meets the needs of an ever-changing economic environment in which life long learning will be increasingly important to our workforce.

The very foundation of Chamber work is advocating on behalf of our business community with local, state, and federal elected officials and other decision makers to ensure legislation, policies, and decisions are being made to support a vibrant and growing business environment.

Business Connections
We will continue to build platforms for collaboration between businesses and individuals. Opportunities to increase business and individual networks are important to keep all of our community engaged in supporting the strengthening of areas that make us strong and unique.

Leadership Coaching/Development
The coaching and development of leaders must be intentional with the opportunity for learning, skill application, and mentorship. The Chamber is committed to continuing to be a place where leadership growth happens and is seen.

Inclusivity in the Chamber’s Priorities is focused on making sure we are recognizing and engaging with the wide range of business sectors that operate in Greater Elkhart, and being a reflection of the makeup of our community so that all voices have the opportunity to be around the table to engage in driving our economic future.




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