Serve and Promote

With a multifaceted communications and media approach, the Chamber will be a voice that highlights our greater Elkhart businesses.


Member Celebrations/Ribbon Cuttings


“The Chamber itself truly helps to support businesses in Elkhart County. It really kind of propels Elkhart up throughout the nation.” - Trey Miller, VP of Marketing

Alliance RV, LLC

“Being part of the Elkhart Chamber has been rewarding….and it’s just going to set us up for long term success and help us as we grow.” -Ryan Brady, Co-Founder  

Colbert Packaging Corporation

“We decided to become a member of the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, when we were approached, to participate. It was a no brainer decision, we knew of them, we knew of their support, their community outreach and what they could help us with,...

Specialized Staffing Solutions, LLC

“…the Chamber is working for those same things we want to work towards; building a better community, having it be a thriving community, and I think that that’s why people should be engaged in the Chamber.” – Jaqueline Barton,...

Center for Hospice Care

“We decided to become a member of the Elkhart Chamber because we are in Elkhart, this is our community as well. So, we found it important to connect with area businesses, network, find out what’s happening in our community and there is no...

Vista Manufacturing, Inc.

“Being a part of the Elkhart Chamber has been a blessing in many ways; through the resources that are provided, through the help in promoting our community and just the support that they provide for the business environment in our county.”...

JJ Babbitt Co., Inc.

“Being part of the Greater Elkhart Chamber has been helpful, it’s been beneficial; it has served us in a number of ways. It served us politically, it has served us economically, it has served us culturally; the fact that the Elkhart Jazz...

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