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Defining our role

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     The Chamber researched (1) why people join the chamber, (2) where members feel they get most in return for their membership, and (3) the levels at which our members are involved in our programs and events.
     The Chamber’s Board of Directors with “Chamber Mentor” Pat McGaughey and the research we conducted have helped this organization define its current message.
     “We educate. We advocate. We elevate,” says Chamber President Kyle Hannon.
     We EDUCATE by offering seminars, training, and other resources that address many of our members’ needs. For instance, in Indiana, General OSHA training can be found in Indianapolis or at the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce. We will do more research and have more discussions with our members to see what needs in training and education they have.
     We ADVOCATE. Our members appreciate that we are watching legislation, watching for new tax proposals that affect our businesses and giving our members a voice at the local and state levels. The recent FOG (fat, oil, grease) proposal and discussions with several local restaurant owners and Elkhart City Public Works and utility officials is a prime example of our role in advocacy. We will continue to grow as a voice for our members.
     We ELEVATE our members. We offer several networking opportunities each month including BizNess events, FunWorking, our council luncheons and meetings, and other events for members. We also are changing the tone and increasing the engagement of our printed magazine to help us promote our members. Our weekly E-newsletter and bi-weekly Policy Points have a strong presence in our community, and our social media profiles are more active with stronger engagement, again to elevate our members.
     The Greater Elkhart Chamber – we Educate, Advocate, and Elevate to create a better business environment.

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