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Marathon and First Impressions

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In this day and age, when news cycles move at the speed of a 100 meter dash, the cleanup from the flooding is more of a marathon. All of us should keep in mind that although the flood waters have receded, the needs of our neighbors have not. Over 800 families have been affected by the flooding and the cleanup is ongoing and will be for a while. Elkhart County has great organizations that are stepping up, as they always do, to support those that have been impacted. I would encourage all of us to find and support these organizations in their work.

First impressions are powerful and this weekend Elkhart County left a great impression on college students who visited our area. Most of those students had never heard of our area, let alone been here. After getting student feedback about what they experienced while in our communities, I would like to report that Elkhart County is a great place. I know we all know that but it’s always nice to hear it from people that don’t live in our area.

Welcome to the first full week of March. If the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce can be of any help to the work that you do please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to supporting and promoting you. Have a positive and productive week.

Levon Johnson
Chamber President/CEO

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