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Neighbors helping Neighbors

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As the waters begin to recede and city, state, and federal agencies begin to assess the damage of last week’s flooding, let’s remember that much of the cleanup is going to be neighbors helping neighbors. We don’t need to live next door, across the street, or even in the same neighborhood to support those that have been affected by flooding.

It’s at times like these that the goodness of our community is revealed. Watching the police and fire departments work to keep everyone safe is a reflection of their everyday commitment. Seeing not-for-profits and churches spring into action to support the needs of people in search of help is a testament to their missions. Hearing of businesses and schools call upon their employees, students, and parents to help provide needed items or lend a hand is indicative of the heart of our city. Then there are the road crews, the utility companies, and the civil engineers who made sure that our roadways and basic services remained operational so that we could all move safely.

Although the flooding seems to have greatly decreased or stopped, the work isn’t over. Let’s all keep an eye out for our neighbors in the days and weeks ahead because that’s what we do, neighbors helping neighbors.

Levon Johnson
Chamber President/CEO


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