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Recently I was having a conversation with 25 college students. We happened to be in the same place at the same time and I decided to join their discussion. Mostly seniors, they were discussing what they were going to miss about college and the varied degrees and careers they were pursuing.

I waited for an opening and then asked, “Have any of you looked at moving to Elkhart County?” The expressions on their faces spoke more than could have been heard if they had opened their mouths to talk. The looks ranged from “No!” to “Where’s Elkhart County?”

Then one young man asked the question, “What does Elkhart have to offer me?” My initial, internal, response was… (If you see me in person ask me about that internal response). Putting my recruiting hat on, we spoke about the amazing place Elkhart is: the opportunities for growth, the events, the people, and the investments in the future of our cities and towns.

The question I had waited to ask was, “What do you have to offer us?” The chorus of “Ums” would have left the best church choirs envious.
All have been invited to Elkhart with the challenge of being able to better answer that question when they arrive.

Everyone one of us are capable of and should be recruiting new talent to our communities and workforce.  Remember no one can tell our story like us.

By Levon Johnson
Chamber President/CEO

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