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Eartha Awards

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Continuously improving
Achieving high levels of efficiency
Reducing or reusing waste
Environmentally sound practices
If this sounds like your business, we need to know.

The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce presents …
Eartha Awards
Honoring Oustanding
Environmental Achievement
Since 1993, the Environmental Council of the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce has celebrated local businesses for environmental efforts going far beyond compliance as a way to recognize industry leaders and encourage others to strive for similar achievement. To date, 15 companies have received the prestigious Eartha Award.
All members in good standing with the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce shall be eligible for an Eartha Award. In subsequent years, Eartha honorees shall be ineligible for nomination for a period of five years.
Business owners, employees, consultants or the general public may nominate any company (self-nominations are acceptable). Applicants and nominees must have a good record of environmental, health and safety compliance, including no open or ongoing enforcement actions.
A company’s environmental work must be voluntary and not mandated by regulation or enforcement decree. Projects must have positive benefits for the environment, the community and/or public health and safety.
Applicants and nominees must qualify in one or more of the following categories:
* Pollution prevention
* Source reduction, recycling and reuse
* Land use (such as reclamation or removal of hazards)
* Educational programs for the workforce
* Environmental health and safety improvements
* Sustainability (such as reduction in energy use and carbon footprint)

(* required)

Business Being Nominated

Paragraph on process or project up for nomination, including how it has improved facility management and/or environmental stewardship

Paragraph with statistical data when possible to support nomination

Paragraph focusing particularly on any promotion of the process or project in organizational policies and practices

Chamber will respect competitive advantage and keep sensitive information confidential

Paragraph noting if possible any previous traditional or social media coverage received for process or project

Paragraph with statistical or financial information related to the implementation of the process or project

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