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Tomorrow’s leaders working today

You may have employees who are preparing to move into leadership positions in your organization. Or maybe they would be a good representative of your company on the board of a local not-for-profit. Could they benefit from additional training in leadership skills or knowledge about the community?

Each year the Chamber’s Leadership Academy turns a group of potential leaders into bona fide, skilled leaders to serve your company and community. If you are in a group of people working for positive change, ask how many are graduates of the Chamber’s Leadership Academy. You will be amazed. Developing leaders. That’s the Greater Elkhart Chamber.

The Elkhart Leadership Academy provides a venue for an in-depth understanding of community issues. Participants gain awareness along with critical leadership skills, which are presented and then experienced.

The Leadership Academy is designed to promote servant leadership through an awareness program combining key community issues and enhanced leadership skill development to advance community stewardship.

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