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SAFETY FIRST - the Chamber’s OSHA Council can help save you money

 There were 58 OSHA violations of the most-cited standard, concerning “machine guarding” at the “point of operation,” in Indiana in 2013 with an average initial penalty of $110,574.
  The next 9 of the top 10 OSHA citations in the general industry category add up to 241 for a total of 299 violations with more than $18.7 million in initial fines. And that’s general industry. When the number of OSHA citations and fines from the construction category are added the grand total jumps to 591 and $30.47 million in initial fines just in 2013 in Indiana.
  Can a business afford not to keep compliant? Can a business afford not to keep its employees
up-to-date in OSHA standards and practices?
  The answer is obvious. And half of the solution is right here.
  “You can’t do a general industry OSHA training class in Indiana other than in Indianapolis or Elkhart,” says Jim Walsh, VP of Business & Technology Improvement and Liaison to Technology and OSHA Councils.
  The other half is in a company’s implementation and continued education efforts.
  “At Manchester Tank, we believe a safe work place, and a productive work place, are one and the same,” explains Jill Drajer, General Manager of Manchester Tank & Equipment, Inc.
  “Sure, you can have one without the other, but for long term, sustainable success, you need both,” she says.
  Drajer explains that as an OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Programs) Star worksite, Manchester Tank utilizes the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce’s OSHA Council for valuable employee training opportunities as well as a networking source to benchmark best practices and make valuable contacts.
  Participation in the monthly OSHA Council breakfast meetings is a very affordable way to expose several team members to reliable safety information in a casual environment, she adds.
  “I’ve never walked away from an OSHA breakfast meeting without some piece of knowledge, or an idea, that I didn’t have before,” says Drajer.  “We also utilize the Safety Conscious Supervisor and OSHA 10-Hour Voluntary Compliance Training offered by the council.  I have found that money spent upfront in team member education pays benefits far beyond the cost of the training. For us, it just makes good business sense.”
  For more information, contact Jim Walsh at or look up the OSHA council on

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