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Reach for Growth!

Reach for Growth with Reach360
Business owners know how challenging it can be to operate every department of the organization with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Businesses often choose to focus on their core competencies in the area of manufacturing, distribution or sales to gain a competitive edge that sets their business apart for maximum growth. Growing and investing in core competencies is optimal for businesses, however, many times this can lead to substandard performance in other areas of the business. The administrative aspects of the back office functions related to bookkeeping and human resource are frequently under optimized. Businesses also face a risk and distraction with the loss or turnover of key staff responsible for administrative back office operations as these operations processes are seldom documented.
Reach360 is an integrated provider of human resources and bookkeeping services, delivered thru experienced staff who are available both onsite and virtually. At Reach360 our Mission is to be the leader in Human Resource and Bookkeeping business process management solutions. Providing businesses the ability to focus on their core business strategies while receiving top quality service, an experienced support team and best practices in their business. Reach360’s HR professional services include packages of benefit, human resource, payroll, talent management and recruitment administration. Reach360’s bookkeeping professional services include accounts payable and receivables, month end processing, bank and balance sheet reconciliations. 
According to owner and President, Anne Lowry, Reach360’s services provide both an immediate and ongoing ROI for the clients we serve. Lowry says, “There is nothing like engaging with a new client and finding substantial cost savings within the first 60 days of engagement. We want to do our part to help other businesses stay competitive and experience growth.”
A key part of Reach360’s service offering includes leveraging relationships with key vendors such as background check providers, payroll providers, brokers and other business vendors by negotiating reduced pricing for clients in an effort to allow small business to capitalize on economies of scale they might not otherwise realize when going direct. 
Reach360 began business in 2006 and has grown steadily since inception both locally and around the country. Reach360 services all different types of industries including nonprofit, manufacturing, service providers, etc. Reach360 is conveniently located in a newly renovated office at 810 Waterbury Park Drive in Elkhart. 
Reach360’s team approaches every day with a “professional service with a personal touch.” In addition to serving local companies and businesses, Reach360 and its staff share a passion for having a positive impact on our local communities through their heavy involvement in local Chambers of Commerce, community outreach and developing strong partnerships and relationships with local organizations. The future for Reach360 is a bright one because of our valued clients and we are excited to continue to be a partner and team member dedicated to our client’s success and growth! 
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