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Protect your workforce, protect your business

Your company may use a pretty expensive piece of equipment. You may have the fastest computer in Indiana. Your office may have beautiful decorations. But the most important investment in your company is your workforce. This is true, even if (especially if) you are a sole proprietor.
In this issue of Leading Business, we highlight some of the ways you can keep your workforce effective through education and health care.
Our new motto – Educate, Advocate, Elevate – describes what we do as a Chamber. You’ll notice that Educate is listed first. Many of our seminars and programs are designed to help your workforce learn the latest news about regulations, efficiencies, and techniques. The Leadership Academy helps people become leaders in the community. And on top of all that, our relationship with our higher-educational institutions gives you the opportunity to find the training and skills your workers need to succeed.
Another way to invest in your valuable employees is to protect them by keeping them healthy. Education about healthy living is vital to avoiding illness and injury.  We all know that smoking is bad for people. But even if you don’t smoke, are you healthy? Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other factors are known as silent killers. Health screenings and wellness plans are great ways for your employees to learn how to keep themselves healthy. Wellness plans can include exercise options, and we have many members who can help your company. You will learn more about health screenings and exercise in this issue.
A few years ago we held a seminar on insurance plan designs and wellness options. The speakers ranged from companies who offered incentives for healthy actions to a company who had built a workout room, attached to the company.
The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” has changed the health care market. Whether you like the law or not, it has affected the health care options for our valuable workers. We will continue to try and help you understand the changes created by Obamacare.  But the one thing that has always been true about health care is that it is most affordable when it is not necessary. Health screenings and healthy activities are the most effective way to avoid costly debilitating illness. 
Protect your valuable workers by helping them learn and keeping them healthy.

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