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May's President's Report

Elkhart County is a special place. We boast a diverse collection of businesses. We have small businesses that serve neighborhoods. We have large corporations that serve the world. We make large recreational vehicles and boats that you see on our roadways and waterways. We make small amplifiers that fit inside high-tech equipment that you will never see.
Other communities are jealous of what we have. They see our strong economy, our jobs that attract workers from across the region, and they wonder what makes us so special to be home to so many businesses.
But they are missing what makes us truly special. In addition to our strong business economy, we have an even stronger “caring economy.”
If people are hurting or need help, the great people of Elkhart County step in. It is our nature. We can’t stop ourselves from helping others. We do it as individuals and we do it as organizations. Several years ago, when we asked people to list their favorite things about this community, “great people” was number 2 (right behind a strong business climate).
The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce has always been home to vital non-profit organizations. Non-profits are important to our Chamber because they are important to our community. They make our Chamber “whole” because they make our community “whole.”
In this issue of Leading Business, you will read about the impact some of these organizations are having on our community. And like our diverse business collection that is serving a wide range of markets, our non -profit collection serves a wide range of needs. Highlighted in this issue, ADEC has been serving people who are struggling with developmental issues. Elsewhere in this issue you will read about Junior Achievement who has been helping our youth learn about business and the free market.
That is only two. Take some time and browse our online member directory and see the organizations that make our community a better place to live.
While the service these organizations provide is enough to make us appreciate them, the jobs they provide add another layer of importance. The payrolls of our extensive non -profit economy help keep the wheels of our for-profit economy humming.
So, when other communities look at Elkhart County and wonder why our economy, and our Chamber, is so vibrant we can proudly reveal that we are special because we have businesses who care, organizations who care, and people who care.

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