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Ambassador of the Month

The Ambassadors are a group of professional representatives, employed by Chamber Member Investors that serve as the public relations arm of the Chamber, reaching out to businesses as an extension of the Greater Elkhart Chamber. Ambassadors work to connect businesses, strengthen membership, and enhance the image of the Chamber. FIND OUT MORE

Networking isn’t just about finding a new client, or prospecting for my own benefit, it’s about creating strong connections that I know I can count on if I ever needed them. That connection leads to another, and another, and next thing you know I won’t be able to walk into the grocery store without seeing someone that I met through being an Ambassador, and that is pretty awesome. I get to be a part of watching new businesses plant roots here in Elkhart at ribbon cuttings, to attending their open houses watching them grow, to delivering Chamber anniversary packets to celebrate their success. Celebrating every aspect of their journey in the community inspires me.


Recent Ambassadors of the Month:

IMKO Workforce Solutions' Tiffany Baker
I became an Ambassador to connect and serve my community through networking while promoting what IMKO can offer. Being an Ambassador allowed me to network with my target market without being pushy or invasive to prospective clients. I pride myself in supporting local Elkhart Chamber businesses and I have had some of the most memorable and rewarding exchanges from business relationships I have built. Personal relationships enable you and your organization to stand out, rise above the noise and remain top of mind. Networking allows you to build these personal relationship in a mutual environment without feeling pressured to sell.

MutualBank's Kristi Yantis
Networking is the ability to meet and connect with other business professionals to build new relationships and generate business opportunities at the same time. It is beneficial to have connections with people in different job professions, not only to expand your own business opportunities, but to also have the ability to assist your customers on a completely different level. Go “above and beyond” by having the knowledge of other area businesses allowing you to partner with them in the future or even refer someone for another service they are looking for. Helping your business and community to thrive overall. Being involved in the community is vitally important to us at MutualBank! 

The Goshen News' Kaila Stevens
The role of an Ambassador is to help companies within the community yield recognition for all their hard work and dedication to the community. Being a consultant for the Goshen News and an Ambassador has assisted me in helping business owners tell their stories and aid in their advertising needs. I am privileged and proud to help others in the community reach their business goals. What I like most about being an Ambassador is the difference we make for each size of business; from a small company to a large corporation. Everyone benefits from being a Chamber member. 

Beacon Consulting Inc.'s Tom Miller
Networking is the exchange of ideas and energy between like-minded individuals for the betterment of the business community. Networking is the heartbeat of our company. As an Ambassador I have the opportunity to interact with outer business owners. I am privileged to meet them where they are. I get the chance to introduce other business members to what the chamber can do for them. I interact with other Chamber members and see and share their challenges in an ever-changing environment.

First Call Staffing’s Anji Flint
My goal as an Ambassador is to help companies get noticed in the community.  It’s our initiative to be key components to the Chamber. I love being involved in Open Houses and seeing the pride the owners have when they are hosting. Also, networking to me is the ability to get to know someone professionally on a personal note. It gives you the ability to discuss business and is a way to build the relationships and contacts you need to make yourself successful.  Being an Ambassador has influenced me and First Call Staffing by building core professional relationships. 

Spherion Staffing's Hugh Johnson
As the Business Development Manager at Spherion Staffing, I have also had the privilege of leading several businesses in the area to Chamber membership. I enjoy seeing businesses become engaged in this community and enjoy the rewards of new business development and emerging relationships. Networking is simply making connections. I engage others in conversation about their objectives. My work is also my hobby. I love to connect people and to inspire creative endeavors.

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