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Thought Leadership Conference

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Elkhart Community Schools


May 21, 2019
8 am - 8 pm


Lerner Theatre
410 South Main Street
Elkhart, IN 46514


THOUGHT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: KEY BUSINESS, EDUCATION, AND COMMUNITY THOUGHT LEADERS GATHER FOR A DAY OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AROUND EQUITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, AND INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS BUILDING A CONNECTED CULTURE Communities are facing various demographic shifts in our region that demand college-career ready performers and agile, innovative workplaces. The schoolhouse is a major economic driver in the community and strong indicator of where people choose to live, work, and play. These trends require intentional, systemic efforts among leaders to build an inclusive, connected community culture and demographic shifts are high-stake matters. Today’s thought leaders must join forces to attract and retain talent, create inclusive communities, and improve economic development opportunities for all. School administrators, business leaders, teacher leaders, clergy, non-profit service groups, community development professionals will be able to capture trends and apply strategies to grow professionally, motivate others, and contribute to building a connected culture by attending this conference. In collaboration with leading advocates across the country, Elkhart Community Schools has partnered with the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, Indiana University - Elkhart, and the Lerner Theatre, to build the Thought Leadership Conference. This full one-day conference will focus on diversity and creating an inclusive, connected culture of collaboration between businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations. This conference was built for experienced leaders, as well as those just beginning their career. Throughout the conference, attendees will hear from experts and learn strategies for having courageous dialogue, improving leadership in diversity and inclusion, and strategies to motivate others. Over 30 break-out sessions and guest speakers focusing on diversity and creating an inclusive, connective collaboration between businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations. Event Registration Thought Leadership Conference --$40-45 per attendee. --View complete schedule, learn more about presenters and sessions, and register in advance to save time and money: --All Conference registrants receive tickets to the 7PM Continuing the Conversation evening event with Dr. Randal Pinkett. View Thought Leadership Conference Flyer: Continuing the Conversation with Dr. Randal Pinkett --FREE and open to the public --7 PM Continuing the Conversation with Dr. Pinkett Tickets at The Lerner Theatre --Free and open to the public and tickets required HEADLINE SPEAKER AT THE LERNER THEATRE | 7:00pm Continuing the Conversation | Dr. Randal Pinkett: CEO, BCT Partners Entrepreneur and Business Leader --The arguments for diversity and inclusion have been made very clear from an organizational perspective but what is the argument from a personal vantage point? Why should you care as an individual? What is the value to you? During Dr. Pinkett’s presentation you will learn about the Global Citizen’s Mindset, which inherently sees the value of establishing relationships with people from different cultures both to make you a better person and the world a better place. --Book signing after Dr. Pinkett’s presentation: Black Faces in White Places and the Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching a Multi-Million-Dollar Business OPENING SPEAKER | 8:00am Mindset and Vibrant Relationships | Dr. Melinda Higginson --Higginson has been in education for 23 years, working the majority at South Bend School Corporation. “You never realize the impact you will have on another person.” Dr. Higginson kicks off the Thought Leadership Conference with reflections on relationships and a challenge. Her presentation will urge attendees to reflect on their own lives and the power each person holds to impact others around them. MIDDAY SPEAKER | 11:15am Create AMAZING! Be a Superhero for the Cultures in your Life! | Hayley Boling --As the CEO of Boling Vision Center, Hayley leads the overall growth and expansion initiative for the practice. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch, and everything else for dinner.” – Peter Drucker It’s no secret that culture permeates every single aspect of an organization! Since an AMAZING culture doesn’t happen by accident, you must be intentional in the development and ongoing protection of the cultures in your life. Hayley Boling, MBA, an enthusiast about organizational culture who speaks all over the country on the topic, will deliver an upbeat presentation on what it takes to build and nurture an AMAZING culture in today’s dynamic environment. AFTERNOON SPEAKER | 3:15pm Why Diversity & Inclusion Should Matter | Marina Hadjioannou Waters, JD, MPH --Marina has dedicated 20 years of her career and academic interests advocating for the civil, political and cultural rights of communities facing discrimination. With the eighth fastest growing immigrant population in the US and over 100 languages represented, Indiana is rapidly evolving. Diversity is no longer something that is happening to Indiana, it is Indiana. Marina will be speaking to the critical shifts public and private organizations are making to fully engage all Hoosiers, irrespective of the differences between us.

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