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OSHA Council Breakfast - Drug Testing and New Marijuana Laws

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Date: September 18, 2019 Time:
7:30 - 9 am


Matterhorn Conference Center
2041 Cassopolis St
Elkhart, IN


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Are Recent Developments Causing Your Drug Policies to Go Up in Smoke?
Michigan and Illinois recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  Ten states have legalized or decriminalized recreational marijuana use, and more than half of the 50 states permit some form of medical marijuana use, while others have or are contemplating CBD-product laws. This patchwork of laws, coupled with federal law that still criminalizes marijuana, leaves many employers wondering what they can prohibit and test for in the workplace. For example, if an employee engages in legal drug use off-the-clock, can the employer with a zero-tolerance policy still discipline or terminate the employee who fails a drug test? What are an employer’s rights and obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act when disciplining employees for behavior stemming from their addictions? Do employers have an obligation to allow employees time off to attend drug addiction counseling?
The enactment of marijuana laws is only one of the many recent developments impacting employers drug and alcohol policies.  For example, the opioid crisis, low unemployment, recent OSHA rules, and the EEOC’s targeting of common policy provisions, all, impact employers’ drug and alcohol policies.  During this program Barnes & Thornburg attorneys Janilyn Daub and Mike Palmer, will explain:
·         How state laws legalizing recreational or medical marijuana impact your policies and practices
·         How these other recent developments impact your policies and practices
·         Practical advice for policies and practices to address these issues

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