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Strategic Plan

Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan
2015 - 2017
All goals and strategies should be challenged by asking,
“Will this elevate business?”
Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce Goals 
  • Re-brand communication strategy including look, content, and media internally and externally. (Utilize Profile and Pocket market strategy.)

  • Collaborate to provide a one stop shop to employers, potential employers, employees and visitors.  Collaborate with CVB, EDC, Chambers, and agencies.

  • Build the Chamber value proposition with a focus to attract key employers in Elkhart County.

  • Establish contact program for all members to improve engagement and mentoring: Include measureable contact component and cross referral resource

  • Employ our members to provide expertise/training to other members only. (Member to Member Training)

  • Study and recommend revamping government council (PAC? SCORECARD? Formalized vetting of endorsements?)

  • Build the 500 Families Initiative with S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives.(Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Timely)

  • Support and push educational advancement within our local public schools

  • Study and recommend possible inclusion of a workforce development council into our structure.

Facilitator:  Patrick H. McGaughey CPF, IOM
In September 2014, the Chamber’s Board of Directors met with Pat McGaughey to create a strategic plan for the Chamber and define our role in the community. Mr. McGaughey also met with business leaders and other interested parties in small group meetings to find ways to help us create a better business environment.

Click here to view a pdf of our Strategic Plan.

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