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The Business Recognition Council consists of members who are passionate about seeking out and recognizing exceptional examples of businesses and not-for-profit entities.

Each year, the council recognizes 12 businesses of the month. These businesses then compete for the “Business of the Year,” which is announced at the annual meeting.
The Council also awards one “Not-For-Proft of the Year” winner.

The Council seeks out other businesses that merit recognition based upon involvement in the Chamber community, promotion of industry within the Elkhart area and advocacy for smaller businesses.


To recognize and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit as demonstrated by outstanding member businesses in the Elkhart area.


The Council grants awards based upon merit. Each business interviewed will be judged on
innovative product or service, growth, community involvement and other unique factors.

Each business nominated must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a current member in good standing with the Greater Elkhart Chamber
    of Commerce for two or more consecutive years
  • Be in business at least three years
  • There is no restriction to the type of business
Do you know a qualifying business?
To nominate them click here.


The Beautification Council encourages business and other entities to enhance the visual image of their properties, instilling pride and vitality in our community. The council recognizes those who exemplify innovative and extraordinary beautification efforts. The purpose of the Beautification Council is to present our community visually as a good place to live and do business. The Beautification Council partners with local businesses, nonprofit agencies, churches, service clubs, civic groups, and schools in a combined endeavor to beautify Elkhart. This is accomplished through a cooperative effort between the Chamber and volunteers from around the community.


  • Select and recognize businesses and not-for-profit entities making outstanding beautification efforts either through new construction or renovations in the greater Elkhart area. Recognition is made by presenting a Fairbanks Award
  • Work with other civic groups, service clubs, schools, churches and businesses to promote and encourage planting of flowers, weeding, and cleanup of trash
  • Research and apply for grants for the beautification of downtown and gateways
  • Keep beautification issues in the forefront with local government entities

Council Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday, 4:00 pm

Co-Chairs:  Amy Varga, Centier Bank; David Neeser, Teachers Credit Union

Board Liaison:  Matt Leliaert, Leliaert Insurance Agency Inc.

Council Liaison: Kathy Cardwell

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