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The Impact Beyond the Purchase

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In Elkhart County, we make things. RVs, boats, vehicle components, stadium sound systems, musical instruments, diagnostic test strips, fire-fighting equipment … even English muffins. If we don’t make it we distribute it.

Most of these products are not purchased locally. Elkhart County does not have enough driveways to park all the RVs we produce. Though we are blessed with many waterways, we do not have enough dock space to contain all the boats we build. We do not have enough toasters to prepare all the English muffins.

Clearly, our economy is built on producing and distributing items that are used elsewhere. Because we are an international economy, we might forget the importance of local purchasing.

Local purchasing provides a backbone to the economy. It supports the employees and the livability of the entire community.

For example, a team of workers finish their shift at a local company. They have just completed a product that will be shipped to China in the morning. Hank needs to stop by the Concord Mall to pick up a gift for his wife. (He forgot their anniversary) Maggie needs to stop on the way home to fill up her gas tank at Casey’s gas station. Then she will stop by Martin’s Super Markets to get a couple steaks to grill. Fred and Bob are going to McCarthy’s to meet friends for dinner.

In this example, not only did Hank, Maggie, Fred and Bob earn a salary to benefit their lives, they also spread the support to the workers at Concord Mall, Casey’s, Martin’s and McCarthy’s. Those workers may have their own errands and obligations that will spread the wealth even further.

If Hank rushed home to buy his gift online, if Maggie purchased her steaks from a mail-order company, the spread of wealth through the community would stop. If other patrons didn’t support McCarthy’s over the years, there would be no great restaurant for Fred and Bob to meet friends and enjoy their quality of life.

In order for local economies to thrive, the population must support the businesses that invest heavily in their businesses and communities.
Local businesses of all types support the community through a “multiplier effect” -- one dollar spent with a locally owned business can return up to five times that amount within the community through city/county taxes, employee wages, and purchase of materials and supplies at other local businesses.


Robert L. Thatcher, CRX, CSM, CLS, CMD, CDP, General Manager & Director of Leasing at Concord Mall, says shopping centers are the Crown Jewels of community economic development.  They support vast numbers of jobs, multiple streams of tax revenues that provide for our schools, police and fire protection and in many ways our overall quality of life.  National chain brands offer all types of merchandise.  Add to that the importance of incubating new, entrepreneurial – boutique retailers with unique merchandise offerings effectively providing another level of excitement and what is often referred to as experiential retail. “Blend great food, entertainment and community events and you have the proven recipe for success; whether in traditional shopping venues or gentrified urbanism,” said Thatcher.

Thatcher is a former Board Member of the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce and serves as the Co-Chair of the Economic Development/Legislative Affairs Council.  He adds, “An age - old economic truth  ‘Capital Flows to where it is respected and well treated’ captures the essence of what Concord Mall has embraced with respect to our commitment to the community and regional market place.  It applies to all of us however, regardless of the role we play.  

As our community collectively embraces these ideals and supports each other’s local businesses, our economy becomes exponentially more dynamic, prosperous and hence, attractive.”

Local businesses reinvest dollars back into the community through school funding, social services, and contributions to local non-profit organizations.

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Your Chamber has agreed to lead downtown economic development for the City of Elkhart.

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Some of you have stopped by the Chamber and seen my bicycle parked in my office. I like to ride my bike to work when I can.

04/18/2016 - A rose by any other name

We are proud to announce that your Chamber is the home of the Center for Business Excellence. The Center will help large and small companies improve their process and reduce waste

04/11/2016 - Now it’s up to us

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a ceremonial bill signing with Governor Mike Pence. He signed the legislation that fully funded the Regional Cities grants.

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04/04/2016 - Elkhart Leadership Academy - Guiding Our Future Leaders

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04/02/2016 - Students Complete 2016 Young Entrepreneurs Academy

The Elkhart Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy will graduate its 5th class of students in May, a total of over 60 graduates since the program began in 2012.

04/01/2016 - Ambassador of the Month

Anji Metzler, First Call Staffing

04/01/2016 - Ambassador of the Month

Hugh Johnson, J2 Marketing, LLC

02/01/2016 - Working Together to Transform our Region

Regional Cities and Vibrant Communities are putting the Elkhart area at the forefront of new economic development

01/29/2016 - Ambassador of the Month

Lori Swihart, WSBT Radio Group

12/01/2015 - A STRONG year for our CHAMBER and our COMMUNITY

2015 was an active year in the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce.

12/01/2015 - Downtown Elkhart

Thanks to SoMa, downtown Elkhart became a more attractive place in 2015 with new features that guide visitors to restaurants, attractions and parking and add colorful flair in unexpected spots.

12/01/2015 - Transportation

The Chamber has long been recognized as a transportation advocate. These key projects will be completed in 2015.

12/01/2015 - Indiana Toll Road Travel Plaza Master Plan focus of Breakfast

The Indiana Toll Road spans 157 miles across Northern Indiana from Ohio to the Illinois state line and is a major economic corridor.

12/01/2015 - Business and Education Partnership Award Given to Centier Bank

The Greater Elkhart Chamber Education/Career Development Council has presented their 3rd Quarter Business and Education Partnership Award to Centier Bank.

12/01/2015 - Ambassador of the Month

Evelyn Johnston, Friends & Neighbors Real Estate Services

11/09/2015 - Non-Profit agencies impacted by local purchases

When local businesses and their employees contribute to local non-profit organizations, everyone wins.

11/05/2015 - The Impact Beyond the Purchase

Beyond every action, every single dollar spent, there is a ripple effect.

11/04/2015 - Not what you buy, but where

When you buy from a local company, you are supporting the employees who live in your community.

11/02/2015 - Business and Education Partnership Award Given to Elkhart Public Library

The Greater Elkhart Chamber Education/Career Development Council has presented their 2nd Quarter Business and Education Partnership Award to the Elkhart Public Library.

11/02/2015 - Ambassador of the Month

Spherion Staffing, Hugh Johnson

11/02/2015 - Business and Education Partnership Award Given to Elkhart Public Library

Elkhart Public Library given Business and Education Partnership Award

10/01/2015 - Ambassador of the Month

Beacon Consulting, Tom Miller

09/01/2015 - Ambassador of the Month

Loretta Salchert, Ribbon of Hope

08/01/2015 - Ambassador of the Month

Shelly Crawford, INOVA Federal Credit Union

07/01/2015 - Ambassador of the Month

Michael Wolff, Life Style Photography

06/01/2015 - Ambassador of the Month


05/27/2015 - Education Council looks for partners in welcoming new educators

Sponsorships are needed for the canvas gift bags and items to fill the bags.

05/01/2015 - Help for your business

Business resources available with NCI, SCORE, SBDC, & EDC.

- Northern Indiana Coalition of Chambers 2016 Legislative Positions

The Northern Indiana Coalition of Chambers works together on issues of importance to the Northern Indiana Region. The Six-County coalition has identified these four Regional priorities for the 2016 Legislative session:

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