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The Greater Elkhart Chamber's professional team is here to meet your business needs.


Kathy Cardwell, IOM
Vice President Administration

Oversees internal operations of the Chamber, administrative support to all departments, human resource functions, research, accounting/financials and management of the front office and communication systems.  Liaison to Education/Career Development Council. Reports to President/CEO.

Education/Career Development Council

Contact Kathy Cardwell, IOM
574-293-1531 ext. 122


Shannon Q. Gray
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Coordinates the Chamber news magazine,  the weekly email newsbrief and monitors and maintains the Chamber’s social media presence. Reports to Vice President Communications.

Contact Shannon Q. Gray
(574) 293-1531 ext. 128


Kyle Hannon, IOM
Oversees operations of the Chamber at the direction of the Board, to carry out programs of work to meet the members’ needs.  Serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Contact Kyle Hannon, IOM
(574) 293-1531 ext. 120


Kay House-Clark
Vice President Communications
Oversees Communications department. Maintains membership database.  Liaison to Transportation, Environmental and Young Professionals Councils. Reports to President/CEO

Environmental Council
Transportation Council

Young Professionals Council

Contact Kay House-Clark
(574) 293-1531 ext. 138


Claudia Meenan, IOM
Member Services Director
Establishes and executes retention and collection programs for the Chamber.  Assists members in connecting with Chamber programs, services and involvement.  Liaison to the Ambassadors and Women’s Council. Reports to Vice President Development.

Ambassadors Council
Women's Council

Contact Claudia Meenan, IOM
(574) 293-1531 ext. 134


Jennifer Novak
Office Supervisor/Admin Support
Performs scheduling, administrative, meeting planning, confidential secretarial duties in assisting the President of the Chamber and the Board of Directors.  Performs general office duties in support of the Chamber as a whole.  Reports to Vice President Administration.

Contact Jennifer Novak
(574) 293-1531 ext. 101


Bridget O'Toole
Accounting Manager

Handles all account receivables and payables along with the Chamber and NCI’s financials. Reports to Vice President Administration.

Contact Bridget O'Toole
(574) 293-1531 ext. 139


Denise Polachek, IOM
Vice President Development
Responsible for membership development, retention, events, seminars, marketing and new product/service development for the Chamber. Coordinates Annual Meeting, Biz-Ness Expo and other events. Liaison to Annual Outing, Business Recognition/Beautification and Economic Development/Legislative Affairs, Leadership Councils. . Reports to President/CEO.

Annual Outing Council
Business Recognition/Beautification
Economic Development/Legislative Affairs Council
Leadership Academy/Council

Contact Denise Polachek, IOM
(574) 293-1531 ext. 132


Rolf Prebeisch
Accounting Assistant
Handles account receivables and payables. Works with Accounting Manager on Chamber’s and NCI’s financials. Reports to Vice President Administration.

Contact Rolf Prebeisch
(574) 293-1531 ext. 130


Rebecca Rea
Receptionist/Admin Support
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant. Answers telephones, assists visitors and disseminates information.  Scheduling and preparation of meeting rooms. Handles all mail procedures and Fax broadcast scheduling and sending. Reports to Vice President Administration.

Contact Rebecca Rea
(574) 293-1531 ext. 136


Jim Walsh
Vice President Business Technology Improvement/ NCI Operations
Assists companies in developing better manufacturing processes. Liaison to OSHA and Technology Councils. Reports to President/CEO.

OSHA Council
Technology Council

Contact Jim Walsh
(574) 293-1531 ext. 121

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